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Companyright: Ningbo Mengdi Knitting Co., Ltd. Add: Yaqian Xiaogang, Ningbo Zhejiang China Top
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Dyeing Company

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Dyeing Company newly built in 2002 owns Hongkong ECO Environment-protection type normal-temperature and high-temperature machines, Taiwan Ligen, Hongkong ECO finalizing drier, Italian BINCO Breadth Cutter, German Maiye and Japanese Fuyuan loops, Aulin Bakesi measuring & coloring system, British Weri Vide Evaluation light box. And it uses pigment aids including Qiba(Switzerland)environment-protective, Jiayou(Japan)and Xiangren(Korea). Its annual production capacity is 9600T quality knitted grey fabrics of all cotton, polyester-cotton and cotton-ammonia.

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