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Companyright: Ningbo Mengdi Knitting Co., Ltd. Add: Yaqian Xiaogang, Ningbo Zhejiang China Top
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Enterprise Spirit: Base upon customers, keep first class in mind and self exceeding.

Quality Policy: Quality is eternal and earnest is its guarantee.

Company Statement: Keep developing new products by advanced technologies, put out first-class products of best quality, retain enterprise vitality by highest efficiency and realize our commitments to customers by focusing on them.

General Operation Policy: Regard exploitation & development as the target, customer's satisfaction as the principle and entire participation as footstone.

Social responsibility Policy: In compliance with local law and regulations’ requirements, and in compliance with belows:  
Prohibition of child labor;Prohibition of force labor;In compliance with occupational health, hygiene and safety working condition;
Freedom of association & right to collective barging;Prohibition of discrimination;Prohibition of illegal disciplinary practice, and treat personnel with dignity and respect;Working hour comply with law and regulations’ requirements;Remuneration comply with law and regulations’ requirements;
Develop corporate policies on social responsibility and labor conditions to ensure that these policiesare established, implemented, maintained, and that the suppliers and subcontractors are required to comply with the company's Code of Practice and the SA8000 standards.
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