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Companyright: Ningbo Mengdi Knitting Co., Ltd. Add: Yaqian Xiaogang, Ningbo Zhejiang China Top
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Through more than 10-year development, we have kept improving our set-ups from our dyeing mill to garment sections, Importing from Fong’s Industries Company, we have 10 high-temp and 9 normal-temp machine and 3 setting machine from Taiwan.

In garment section , one Gerber auto cutter , two Oshima auto fabric spreader, 349 Brother single stitching machine. 130 Pegasus cover stitch machine , 220 Yamaha over locking sewing machine, .etc to meet our monthly capacity 300,000pcs for basic T-shirts , 150,000pcs for sports suit and 200,000pcs for sports jackets.

Auto Cutting M/C Spreading M/C Embroidering M/C
Shake M/C Dyeing M/C Washing M/C
Double Needle M/C Single Stitching M/C Button Set up M/C
Bar-tack M/C Eyelet M/C Collar Binding M/C
Coverstitching M/C Collar Binding M/C Creasing M/C
Coverstitching M/C Overlock Sewing M/C Waistband Setting M/C


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